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Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 6:10 PM By: jay

going into this fall....with the new album about to drop....listening to the first 2 releases from the upcoming new jane's in a retro early janes's/porno sound...then to the other side of the spectrum.....a new and exciting sound and direction with irresistible force.....even the high compression and echo Perry has mastered signing in....all of a sudden. ...THERE IS A NEW AND EXCITING SOUND....BEYOND THE NEXT STEP IN LIVE PERFORMANCES....LETS HOPE THE 3D AT T5 WAS THE FIRST OF MANY INSANE LIVE JANEs'S SHOWS IN 3D...Beyond that....seeing the setlist and the way the boys almost sat on the ridge of a volcano....balancing on that edge and keeping a cool groove and vibe. ...That at any instance the band will dive in and the eruption of sound overtakes the vibes...that was the first time it seemed like Perry and the boys didn't want to leave the stage!...Finally the energies of the janes's family net with the dead family....the all was glorious! hey guys further is playing shows at the Greek and a fest in Monterey in October........lets see a festival with only the 2 families coming together in symbiance

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