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Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 5:01 PM By: Cita82

So when I was a teenager one of my favorite bands was silverchair. They were about the same age as me, they were making it big with lot's of criticism, and listening to Pure Massacre made me feel...better! But, most everyone I knew made fun of me for loving this band! I stood ground, I ordered my t-shirts with my saved money and opened my packages from Australia. I ordered limited edition vinyl and ran out my parents colored ink making my own silverchair t-shirts. I even wrote a novella for a high school English class about going to one of their concerts and got an A+! I sent a copy of it to Daniel Johns and got a signed postcard in return. Their next album even had a song titled with my name in it! Who cared that Daniel pronounced my name wrong-deep down I knew it was my song. Then, when they came out with a new album, a new tour, I bought 1 ticket. Yes, 1 ticket, I didn't care if I went by myself, I was going. I got on their website one night, drunken at a friends house and read how people here in the US were starting street teams to make people aware of the new album.......it made me angry.....I thought if your a fan your a fan through and through, would should already know, shmm, street team, I could be their biggest fan alone for this long, one should just know!!! So, I wrote something like this in an e-mail, angry at one of my favorite bands for succumbing to this. I still to this day cannot recollect what I actually wrote in that e-mail....but it was bad. I'm sure I was off the good list! To make matters worse, karma, the tour was cancelled and I still have that 1 ticket! So what brings back all these memories? Superbowl! I learned a lesson back then, or I am just more mature now, I am on The Red Hot Chili Peppers side for sure. There was a time in my life when I thought a band would be selling out with a situation as such, I can see it for what it is. Taking an awesome opportunity, dealing with it's shit rules, and owning it in style!!!

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