Collaboration with Master Musicians of Joujouka

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Photo: The Master Musicians of Joujouka

As always, JANE’S ADDICTION—singer Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins--keeps things interesting. 
The exotic sounds on “End To The Lies”—the band’s newly issued (April 7) free downloadable track from the band’s upcoming first studio album in eight years on Capitol Records, THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST—are the unique contribution of the legendary The Master Musicians of Joujouka.
Hailing from the village of Jajouka near Ksar-el-Kebir in the Ahl Srif mountain range of the southern Rif Mountains in northern Morocco, they are Sufi trance musicians who use reed, pipe and percussion to create drones and complex rhythms unique to Joujouka.  The musicians are  known for their connections with the Beat Generation and Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who recorded them in 1968 for an album that was released in 1971, Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka.
"We wanted to add a sense of ancient ritual and some depth beyond normal instrumentation, getting off the typical path that rock bands use, etc,” says Perry Farrell.  “And we wanted the music to cast a spell on the ‘lies.’”
For THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST, JANE'S ADDICTION have been working in Los Angeles with producer Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol), with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek on the team.  Costey says that The Master Musicians of Joujouka’s parts actually weren’t recorded with the band or in a studio. “It was all recorded in the Master Musicians Madrassa (school house) which is out in the village of Joujouka in Morocco where they live. The drums were recorded in the kitchen and the rhiatas in the main room of the house."
Farrell adds: "Lots of sounds were recorded with them so you may hear more of them on the record. You'll have to wait and see."
Info on the Master Musicians of Joujouka recording with Jane’s Addiction:
Master Musicians of Joujouka recorded in Joujouka, Morocco by Frank Rynne.
Arranged by Frank Rynne and Ahmed Attar
6 musicians playing the Tibel:
Ahmed El Attar
Mustapha El Attar
El Khalil Radi
Jamal El Bakar
Abdeslam Boukhzar
Ahmed Talha
8 musicians played Rhiata:
Abdeslam RRtoubi
Abdellah Ziyat
El Mahi Elmojahed
Abdelkhalak Talhi
Ali Ezouglali
El Touhami Talha
Mohamed El Attar
Mohamed Mokhchan
Mohamed El Hatmi who danced  Boujeloud
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