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We head to the empty park where Jane's will be rocking only hours from now. It's a free show thrown by the Argentinian phone company "Movistar". 10 - 12,000 peeps are expected, a perfect first show for Jane's South American reintroduction.

The boys step on stage and begin to rehearse "End To The Lie's", a sick new track (Produced by Rich Costey w Dave Sitek of TV on The Radio playing bass, as well as writing and programming on it) that was leaked on Chilean radio the day before. They made Perry talk about the track, then edited his voice over it, but you can download the un-voiceover version here

Jane's Addiction - End to the Lies by paniko

After rehearsal, Stephen chats it up with members of "Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros" a really kool band out of LA who will be opening the show for them tonight. Aaron in the rainbow hoodie actually played for Jane's during the "Strays" tour.

The set list for tonight, although I believe "Chip Away" will be scratched as Chris Chaney has only played it once before and they might need to practice it a few more times.

Here's that ONE TIME Chris Chaney has participated in one of my favorite Jane's traditions, the drum circle rocking of "Chip Away". I will never forget the time they performed this @ Madison Square Garden on a platform in the middle of the crowd. It was fucking epic!

We mob through the alleys of Buenos Aires back to the hotel to get changed and ready for the show. It's cobbled streets are not doing wonders for Etty's bum or Perrys legs as she has kindly chosen to sit on Perry's lap so I can fit in the van. We ride on!

After several hours of prep, we head back to the venue, the lines outside stretching down the block and out of sight. Fans flock to the van trying to see the band, but the cops aka "Gendarmies" (Who look more like storm troopers LoL) block them from getting their fix. Perk, Dave & Chris go to rehearse some more-

Perry goes to do voice warm ups-

And I look for the ladies Miss Crash and Samar as they prepare to get their hooks in.

Suicide suspension is seemingly something that no one would want to try, yet it's popularity is growing, especially in South America and Russia. The girls tell me of young Russian kids doing suspension dives off bridges in St. Petersburg. Imagine falling 50 feet, hooks in your back ripping through your skin the only thing keeping you from going SPLAT, gnarly!

It's now show time! I sneak behind the kabuki (Giant black cloth hiding the band from view) right before things get set off. The kabuki drops and Jane's rips into "Whores", sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The girls writhe like snakes on hook's above the stage, Jane's sonic assault sending shock waves through the Buenos Aires night.

There was moshing and stage diving aplenty, reminded me of the old Lollapalooza days.

The crowd chanted along with almost all the tunes, including newer songs like "Superhero". Several fans came up to me afterwards and said they first heard "Superhero" as the "Entourage" theme song, not even knowing it was a Jane's song. Well they know now!

The "Twins" Etty Farrell & Stephanie, steam up the stage for "3 Days" "Super Hero" & "Ted Just Admit It"!

JA thunder into "Mountain Song", which 23 years later still remains one of my favorite rock songs ever written. What Jane's song is your favorite?

I got tons of video of the show, but looks like I will have to keep that under wraps for now = / Jane's killed it, their new song "End To The Lie's" premiered with an amazing reception by the very game Buenos Aires crowd. The band blasted out with a police escort right after they left the stage.

I got left behind as I was grabbing my gear. Perry's one piece of advice for me at the beginning of this trip "Stay close to me, if you don't you might just get left in the dust." That appears to be the golden rule for this entire journey, I will try not to violate it again! I eventually get back to the Sheraton, ending my eve with a night cap alongside Mr. Chaney and Mr. Perkins. "Jane's Says" vodka anyone?

Stay tuned for South America Eats Janes Addiction Pt. 2, F. Janes Addiction @ the first international Lollapalooza in Chile. Keep it locked!!!

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