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Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 9:47 PM

I must say, I had a hard time choosing whether to put this here or in the BAND posting area, but since David & Perry's Birthdays were announced in the NEWS area on the Home Page, well, I figured I would go with that and that, fellow Jane's fans is what I am here to post about:

I was very suprised to see that Stephen's Birthday wasn't given the honor that David & Perry's both are on this incredible website as it has been twice before & twice before I left a comment as I have for David & Perry, in fact, Stephen's was the first B-Day I saw announced when I became a member over two years ago and counting...

I know it has nothing to do with the band forgetting, they don't run this site personally, we know that, they're busy with touring & such, but I am sure they must have to at least run by Jane's what is listed, well, groundcontrol obviously forgot to run by Jane's, especially Stephen, that his Birthday was not officially announced on Janes's Addiction dot com or I'm as owly eyes & blinking as when I leave the dark recesses of my cat cave to face the sun, ahhh! Just teasing--a little--truth is, if it's sunny, I wear sunglasses to go to the kitchen, so I could have missed it, but as I "snapshot" special occasions from Jane's dot using printscreen, I just don't see it to do my handiwork with! If I missed it, will someone PLEASE point it out to me? Thank you!

Stephen: I know it's a day on, but I still hope you had great day & night as your twitter says you did and that if it really wasn't properly announced here at Jane's dot, it's because maybe just maybe, you didn't want it to be, but somehow I doubt it as suddenly your twitters--or tweets as most call them, but to each his or her own and my own calls them twitters--have been on a speed ride that I did not see for the two plus years I have been a member--yes, I mentioned that already, but I am unabashadly proud of it!--until very recently & I love it, so keep on with it and I hope they do recognize this error, to put it nicely & ladylike and do something about it it, like apologize for instance. I know I didn't miss it because David's BirthDay announcement was on the Home Page for more than a month after June 7th,--not that it bothered me a bit, the longer, the better...-- so that seals the fact that it just didn't happen, but you're the best drummer EVER, so amazing, brilliant, awesome, so adaptable, pure, steadfast, you're ecclectic and willing to give new percussion instruments a try to see what sound can better the already incredibly progressive music you're creating and I thank you for that and I wish you more and many many many Happy Birthday's and an apology if no-one else can find the set to do so, that your B-Day wasn't announced on Jane's dot unless you wanted it that way. You're a good guy Stephen and it's probably bothering me more than it does you, but I really care about Jane's and you guys and ALL you guys do just so we, your loyal, loving & abiding fans can see and hear the very best of what Jane's does and that I know comes as being known as the VERY BEST and that is what you guys all are! Happy, Happy Birthday to you and many, many, many more...--Marie

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    Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 6:21 AM

    you didn't need it to be, however by one means or another I question it as all of a sudden your twitters- - or tweets as most call them, yet to every his or her own and my own particular calls them twitters- - have been on a speed ride that I didn't see for the two or more years I have been a part - yes, I specified that as of now, yet I am unabashadly glad for it!- - until as of late and I cherish it, so continue with it and I trust they do perceive this mistake, Essay Service

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