Rialto Theatre, Montreal November 26th, 1990

Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 3:42 AM

Hello JA fans glad to have found this site and then some.I have put out feelers on newsgroups over the years to no avail to see if someone recorded the JA show I saw definitely at the Rialto Theatre on Parc Avenue on a quite cold night in Montreal back in the day.As luck unfortunately would have it, I decided to leave my recorder at home. Too bad as I was able to sit in about the 5th row centre in this general admission extravaganza.I will admit the details were/are a bit hazy about the night but we are talking about a life changeing top 5 gig of all time no question about it. The show was totally sold out and the small party of about 5 I was with decided to see if any tickets were to be had. We almost gave up. However the dutch courage of the cheap wine being passed around outside the gig to keep warm paid off. My friend gave the sign that the box office was going to 'leak' out a few tickets (Probably unknown to the band) - we paid our dues and stepped inside.The venue was/is a classic movie theatre type venue with great sight lines and more than decent sound. To see the Ritual stage decorations up close was breath taking. I can't remember too many precise songs but it was just a wall of sensory overload the whole set. We were standing on our seats and falling off laughing at the hugeness of the show. I do remember one comment from Perry which was 'You guys are just like LA!'. I was tapeing a few shows at the time but this one got away. Shame on me! I was worried my deck would be confiscated which was quite possible. I can't remember if we were searched or not. So I'll put it out there once again with some hope: Did anyone happen to see this gig and tape the show? Is anyone in contact with old Jane's tour personnel who may have taped some soundboards of that tour and/or that show?I had seen the Goo tour of Sonic Youth only a month before and was able to find this show very well recorded. This proves that with perseverence, the tapes do surface.Peace out to all Jane's Addiction fans and get that piss cup out of my face!

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